Cyanide Management

We consistently fulfill all the requirements of the International Cyanide Management Code for Gold Mining Operations. This comprehensive set of protocols governs the manufacture, transportation, storage, and utilization of cyanide with stringent standards. Our adherence includes the use of ISOtainers, which feature an automatic dissolving system for cyanide.

Readings of our discharge to the tailings storage facility are taken every 20 minutes. At no time during the year did cyanide discharged to the tailings storage facility exceed allowable levels. Average monthly discharged total cyanide in tailings concentration is approximately 50% of the allowable standard of 20 ppm.

Birds continue to settle on the tailings storage facility, confirming that our cyanide discharge presents no environmental hazard. Ongoing cyanide destruction is also assisted by numerous introduced micro-organisms which can degrade free cyanide to carbon dioxide and ammonia.