Educational Opportunities – Akara is dedicated to advancing education across all fronts through strategic partnerships and initiatives. Our mission encompasses bolstering educational infrastructure, fostering safety within learning environments, and empowering educational professionals through ongoing training and support. We believe in providing equitable access to quality education, which includes enhancing teaching resources and ensuring students have adequate clothing and materials.

Recognizing the vital role of nutrition in child development, Akara spearheads a food security project aimed at promoting physical, mental, and intellectual wellbeing. Collaborating with Ban Khiri Thepnimit School in Village No. 3, Ban Khao Din, Khao Chet Luk Subdistrict, Thap Khlo District, Phichit Province, we constructed an egg-laying chicken house and a mushroom cultivation greenhouse. Additionally, we provided essential resources such as hens, chicken feed, and mushroom culture, alleviating financial burdens on the school. The resulting produce not only enriches school lunches but also generates supplementary income. Moreover, these facilities serve as educational hubs, fostering agricultural and culinary learning opportunities for students.

At Akara, we believe that learning knows no bounds and should be embraced at all stages of life. Thus, we encourage our employees to pursue higher education and seek continuous training to enhance their skills and productivity, promoting a culture of lifelong learning within our organization.

Our Chatree Gold Mine serves as an expansive outdoor classroom for those passionate about geology. We proudly welcome students and teachers from diverse institutions, offering firsthand insights and experiences shared by our personnel, who are encouraged to contribute to enriching educational experiences beyond the confines of traditional academia.