“They help with everything. If the mine can assist with something, they always do.”

The sewing machine I use to make a living was provided by the mine’s community development fund. Thanks to this support, we have money to support our family and don’t have to struggle to find work outside our area. Without their help, I wouldn’t have this sewing machine.”

Ms. Sompong Kanyapan,

Resident at Moo 4, Ban Jit Sua Ten, Khao Chet Luk, Thap Khlo, Phichit.

“I want the mine to always stay with our community.”

When the mine closed, our village felt empty, with only old people and children left behind. My shop almost had to shut down. But with the mine running, villagers return home, find jobs, and have money to spend. Shops in the community are brought back to life again, and the elderly have people to care for them. So, I wholeheartedly support the mine and hope it remains a vital part of our community.”

Mr. Wasant Chimplee,

Resident at Moo 8, Ban Dong Long, Wang Pong, Phetchabun.

Social Responsibility at the Heart of Akara

At Akara, we are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life in the communities where we operate. Our commitment spans across various areas, including necessary infrastructure improvements, establishing projects to promote community health, and supporting education and training programs to create economic opportunities. We also focus on creating jobs and supporting local entrepreneurs to foster economic growth, while preserving and promoting local culture and traditions to ensure they thrive for future generations. We believe that the future of our communities is intertwined with our own. That is why we will continue to actively pursue initiatives and projects that foster community and societal growth. Our commitment is to ensure that our communities thrive sustainably alongside us.