‘Chatree’ Gold Deposit

Among the remarkable gold mineral deposits in Thailand, the ‘Chatree’ Gold Deposit, home to our Chatree Gold Mine, stands out as a prime resource with exceptional potential. 

Situated on the periphery of gold mineral deposits spanning provinces like Loei, Phetchabun, and Prachinburi, the ‘Chatree’ Gold Deposit is regarded as the most promising among the five main lines of gold mineralization. 

The Chatree Gold Deposit is a large, low-grade, low sulphidation epithermal deposit. Gold occurs in quartz-calcite-chlorite-adularia veins, breccias and stockworks hosted in Triassic volcaniclastics and epiclastic sedimentary facies.

Our commitment to responsible mining practices ensures that each ounce of gold extracted is done so with utmost care for the environment and surrounding community.

But our commitment doesn’t end there. We believe in the power of education and knowledge sharing. As leaders in the field of geology and mining, we take pride in our role as educators. Our expertise and experience provide the perfect platform for future geologists and miners to gain real-life, hands-on experience. Our mine serves as a living laboratory—a place where theoretical knowledge meets practical application.

We are proud to be at the forefront of gold exploration and extraction in Thailand. Through our dedication to innovation and continuous improvement, we aim to unlock new opportunities and promote Thailand as the Gold Hub of Southeast Asia. 

Join us as we continue our journey towards sustainable mining practices and excellence in the field of geology.